Many organisations save far too much user data. Data is easy to stockpile since storage is relatively inexpensive. While corporate IT departments are tasked with ensuring backups run effectively, rarely are they responsible for determining exactly what data exists on backup tapes – and typically the amount of data stored on tape just continues to grow.

Determining what to purge and what to keep is not an easy process. As a result decades of user files and email have piled up on servers, archives and legacy backup tapes.
Today’s legal and regulatory climate no longer supports the continual hoarding of data. Data has become a liability and when not managed properly can cause serious risk and expense to any organisation.
Understanding exactly what is on your backup tapes is the first step to determining exactly what you need to keep, for legal, corporate or compliance purposes. For many organisations this can be a daunting task - and therefore one that is often avoided.
Following proven methodologies and workflows Media Discovery helps its customers to discovery exactly what is on their legacy backup tape estate.
Once identified the business can then determine what NEEDS to be kept and what can be deleted. Media Discovery can help to significantly reduce the amount of data stored on backup tapes via the implementation of an auditable and defensible deletion process.
The secure physical destruction of the ‘redundant’ tape media completes our process of tape discovery and remediation – a process which can result in significant cost and risk reduction.