When organisations are faced with the task of restoring data from backup tapes for e-Discovery events, they are often faced with challenging issues and deadlines that pressurise day-to-day business functions.

Capacity for restore within the IT Infrastructure may be an issue.
Identifying where the required data actually is may be problematic.
The required data may even reside on legacy backup tapes, for example, where the infrastructure that created the backups no longer exists.
Media Discovery provides reliable and cost-effective services, using the most appropriate methodology, to identify and restore only the required data - resulting in lower costs and shorter timeframes than the business can often achieve itself.
Our Tape e-Discovery services utilise efficient workflows and are subject to the strict management of tape handling and processing functions that ensures all data is identified, restored and delivered to the client via a forensically sound and legally defensible process, with full chain of custody documentation.
Our Business processes are certified to ISO27001:2005 and ISO9001:2008.
Our highly scalable services include:
Non native tape restoration, irrespective of physical tape or backup format, to meet legal disclosure deadlines.
Tape Discovery to identify data that needs to be retained in line with legal, corporate or compliance requirement.
Tape Scanning and High Level Cataloguing.
Deep indexing of the tape contents down to file level.
Email and File Extraction and De-duplication.
Tape Data Recovery in the event of faulty media.